Would you like to join Özkan Hidrolik family? You can send your resume with your photo by letting us the position you want to work to the following e-mail address. Our competent authority will evaluate and respond to your application as soon as possible.

You will feel a difference from the moment you joined to Özkan Hidrolik family and you will make a giant step at your career by realizing that you are working in a professional company and with a great team.

As Özkan Hidrolik HR, our goal is to provide a suitable working environment for our teammates to increase our employees then to provide high productivity. We continue to serve our customers with dynamic, confident and professional staff, by being awared about that the success of the company is directly rises up the motivation of our employees and customer satisfaction.

As Özkan Hidrolik, our aim is to earn successful people in our company and to provide a long-term unity. For this reason, we are building our relationships on a permanent and stable basis. We expect to see that all our team members to have high humanitarian values which they must have it in their daily and working lives.

In our company, recruitment and assignments are being proccessed with great care. Honesty and loyalty are our main criteria.

We organize all sorts of social, cultural and educational activities with the aim of working in solidarity, with a sense of team spirit, and we also support all organizations that strengthen common exchanges.

Our Company is fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and various training programs which are provided to all our personnel. Suitable working environments have been established and all personel are provided to work within those rules and conditions.
You can be a part of our selection and positioning process by 4 different channels. These are;
• by sending CV to ik@ozkanhidrolik.com via e-mail,
• By filling out the form at www.ozkanhidrolik.com.tr,
• By sending a CV to the fax number +90 (232) 375 87 53,
• Leaving your CV to Özkan Hidrolik center building.

All applications made from these channels will be recorded. In line with the requirements of our company, candidates who meet the required qualifications are selected and invited from this pool to preliminary talks.
Business At Özkan Hidrolik
Candidates; as first, conduct a preliminary interview with the HR manager. Candidates are assessed for their competencies such as fast-learning, communication skills, problem solving and decision making, teamwork, success orientation, guidance, commercial sense, customer-oriented, creativity and innovation, planning and organization.

As a consequence of these evaluations, the candidates are invited to a second meeting with the related department manager. The most important criterion to be considered in both negotiations is the institutional suitability. According to the outcome of all negotiations, the candidates will be contacted with positive or negative results. Then the employment offer will be made to the eligible candidates.

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