Our sales team has a huge knowledge about the competitor products as much as their own product groups in order to respond to all kinds of customer requests.

With the sales manager’s coordination, sales activities perform in three different branches; Hydraulic Sales, Pneumatic Sales and Electronic Sales. Our teams have been established from mechanical engineers and technicians who are specialized in their business with years of experience.

The Sales Technical Support Department which works as combined with sales department, provides all kind of services from project to system design, project planning, manufacturing and commissioning.

Our marketing department carries out all the activities necessary to continue the recognition of the company and to expand it through the new sectors.

In the direction of customer demands and innovations in technology, it operates at the point of determining the products that needed and providing parallel services.

It organises all kind of promotional activities, to keep up the company’s recognition and achieve a break through in new sectors.

In the meantime, by the customer visits and sectoral polls to determine the expectations of the customers to provide long term customer satisfaction.

Our Project Departments skeleton consists of mechanical engineers and mechanical technicians who are specialized on hydraulic systems design.

Özkan Hidrolik provides all the engineering, system designs, technical services, manufacturing, maintenance and repairs of their respectfull customers.

“Preparation of the ordered systems in CAD platform, transferring them to technical service department and finalization the systems” are responsibilities of our engineering department.

Our technical service team with its large and experienced staff provides the system operations, comissioning and the trainings of users and also it provides the periodical maintenance and repair services.

Our production unit produces power units, filtration systems and provides mechanical production, all type of cylinders production up to Ø600mm – 6000 mm and product tests and also hose production and its montages according to their projects.

Maintenance and repair unit expertises the broken/damaged/out of order products and inform the customers. In order to customer demands, the unit revises or replaces them with new one.

Özkan Hidrolik Mali İşler Departmanı-Financial Affairs

All accounting records in our Financial Affairs Department are kept strictly within the company according to current legislation.

It consists of professional financial and accounting staff who have worked together for many years.

Risk assessments are made by sharing the results of financing evaluations of customers which are department meetings with customer representatives.

Weekly, monthly, 3-month and 6-month financial analyzes guide the company’s strategies and shed light on new investments.

Özkan Hidrolik Import-Export-Departmanı

Our Import & Export department is a powerful team that specializes in both technical and commercial matters and has the authority to import-export legislation.

As results of coordinated work with the project and sales-marketing departments carry out the procurement of the products needed and the export activities.