1) Hydraulic joysticks 
– SVM100 – SVM101 
Hydraulic joysticks, single function available with wide range of handles. Hydraulic control valves available single or assembled from 1 to 10 sections.

– SVM400 
Hydraulic joystick, double function available with wide range of handles. Single lever joystick to control two directional control valve working sections.

– SVM430 series (SVM430 – SVM431 – SVM432)
Special version operation of hydrostatic transmission.

– 5VM400-EMD
Single electromagnetic detent on all ports or double on opposite ports.

– SVM405
Configuration with damping system.

2) Hydraulic Hi/Mick% with electromagnetic detent
– SVM150

Hydraulic joystick, single axis with electromagnetic detent available in every acting directions. It can be assembled up to 5  sections.

– 5VM450
Combined joystick single axis-double axis for three working sections. It can be configured with up to 4 electromagnetic

3) Hydraulic joysticks with pedal and other actuations
– SVM510 – SVM520 – 5VM521

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